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Teacher Preparation Program - Credential Candidate teaching in classroom



The Intern Track Option allows you to complete your teacher preparation work while teaching on an Intern Credential. The Teacher Preparation Program will not find employment for you; you must seek this on your own. 

Typically, you will enter this pathway if you are currently in a paid teaching position (on a Provisional Intern Permit or a Short-Term Staff Permit) or if you have been offered one. While in the program and completing courses and assessments, you will move into Internship status as soon as you are eligible.

You can complete the program in one year if you attend full time in summer, fall, and spring in the order you start. You will be a full-time student while working full time. Intern credentials are good for two years to support those who would prefer part-time school and full-time work.

Your Intern Credential is issued by the CTC upon application from the Teacher Preparation Program when a school district, charter organization or your County Office of Education employs you as an intern and agrees to provide support as required by program standards and regulations.



  • You must also hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university
  • Satisfy the basic skills requirements
  • Meet subject matter competence
  • Obtain a Certificate of Clearance from the CTC
  • It is required that you complete a minimum of 120 hours of student teaching



In order to be considered intern eligible by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing, you must meet the following requirements: 

  1. Have a Bachelor’s Degree
  2. Complete 9 or more units of coursework, which includes foundational preparation in general pedagogy: classroom management and planning, reading/language arts, specialty-specific pedagogy, human development, and teaching English learners
  3. Satisfy the U.S. Constitution requirement. 
  4. Pass all CSET subtests related to your credential. Please note - Per Executive Order N-66-20, the statutory requirement for an intern candidate to meet the subject matter requirement prior to being recommended for the intern credential has been suspended. 

If you meet the requirements to be intern eligible, please contact the Credential Analyst at for an eligibility letter. This letter may be used when seeking teaching positions. 

Upon being offered a job with a school district to teach on an intern permit, please send a copy of your contract to the Credential Analyst. The Credential Analyst will then recommend you for an intern credential with the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. Please note that your teaching assignment must match the credential you are seeking in order to be recommended.



  •  Contact us today to learn more about applying to the credential program.