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If you have questions that are not listed below, please contact us at

Are there any other pre-requisites that were not mentioned here today? For example a gpa requirement?

We do require an undergraduate GPA of 3.0. If your GPA falls below the 3.0 requirement, you can contact us to see if a consideration can be put into place. The Director of Education Programs makes the final decision in this case.

Do I have to have a degree in education to qualify for the program?

No, you can hold your bachelor's from an accredited institution in any subject to be considered for our credential program. To prove subject matter Competency, a candidate will need to pass the appropriate CSETs.

Do you have to do the complete program if you already have a special ed credential and have been teaching for almost 20 years?

Education Specialist Credentials and Multiple Subject Credentials are two separate programs with their own requirements set by the state of California.  We can of course utilize a lot of your completed coursework and experience to grant equivalencies in our program, but there are some things that cannot be waived.  

Do you offer Special Ed or Bilingual Credentials (Authorization)?

We are currently developing a Bilingual Authorization that will allow teachers to work in a bilingual class or dual language academy.

The Special Ed credential is also in development.

Be sure to follow us on social media for special program developments and announcements: Twitter or Facebook

Do you recommend getting a master degree? What are some pros?

Earning your masters could allow you to move into other areas in education, such as administration, but it is not a requirement in teaching K12.

For a student who completed the NSED minor at UC Merced how many semesters does it typically take them to complete the program?

Students who successfully complete the NSED Minor can complete the program in two terms with fulltime study. Typically it will take fall, spring and summer term to complete.

For the requirements that we won’t be able to meet due to the pandemic, will we have to meet them later during the program? Like the Basic Skills Assessment, Subject Matter Competency, 45 Hours With Age Group, etc.?

Yes, testing has been temporarily deferred until the state deems it can be reopened. Read the current memo from the Director of Education Programs regarding testing. 

How do I complete my CBEST when the test centers are closed due to Covid-19?

The CBEST is deferred until the Health Department has confirmed testing centers may resume normal operations. Read an update for the Director of Education Programs.

How do we submit proof for fieldwork hours completed with the NSED program?

Upon graduating, your official UC Merced transcripts will demonstrate you successfully completed the fieldwork hours.

How do you become an intern during the program?

All interns are required to pass appropriate CSETs, be in a credential program that is partnered with their employing district, and have completed 9 units in that program. Intern credentials are valid for 2 years. If you are offered a position but don't meet the above requirements for the internship, there are other emergency credentials available to you through your district and TPP would be there to support you all the way. Please contact for more information.

How long is the Teacher Preparation Program?

You can earn your teaching credential in one year with full-time study and verified clinical practice. (Fall, spring and summer)

I have not yet taken the CSET…Are there any sites or books that you can recommend to study for it.

You can complete the sample tests from the CSET website., use a study book such as Kaplan or Cliff notes. You can also search YouTube tutorials on your specific authorization and exam. 

I will be graduating with my BA this fall. In terms of applying for the spring do I need to have a copy of my degree or will unofficial transcripts be okay?

We will need your degree posted to your transcripts for both admission and Financial aid.  

I'm currently attending UC Merced, will completing the NSED Minor help me get accepted into the credential program?

The NSED minor and the TPP are partner programs. There are four courses in the NSED minor that allow you to finish sooner with less expense. You must have earned a grade of B- or higher for these courses to be applied to the Teacher Preparation Program:

  • NSED 100 - Project-Based Instruction: Assessment and Management for beginning Teachers 
  • NSED 120 - Classroom Interactions in Science and Mathematics: A focus on Equity in Urban and Rural Schools
  • NSED 130 – Technology in Education
  • NSED 150 - Research Methods in Education
If we would like to apply for this Spring semester, and have not yet applied to Fafsa, would it be too late to be able to apply to the program, submit that FAFSA and get that financial aid?

Spring applications close on October 31, 2020, but please do put in a FAFSA as soon as you apply to the program.  Once financial aid has that they can start the process of creating a package for you.

If you cannot make the Spring enrollment when is the next deadline?

Application deadlines are typically due twelve weeks prior to the term start. You can find dates and deadlines here:

Is bilingual authorization available for single subject credentials?

It will be available to single subject, multiple subject and special education credential holders.

Is there a program available for candidates interested in teaching special education?

Not at this immediate time but there are plans to add this in the future.

The tuition is based on units needed... so 24 or 41 are those units in the course or for instance would my BA in childhood development make a difference in required units.

Our prerequisites are built into our program.  We can review transcripts and grant equivalencies for work that you have already completed that meets the requirements of our program and the state of California.  

To apply for financial aid, what is the school code for your program? Will it be UC Merced’s school code?

The UC Merced School FAFSA Code is 041271.

What credentials do you offer?

We currently offer:

  • Multiple Subject Credentials allow you to teach in a self-contained classroom for TK-8th grades.
  • Single Subject Credential: English, History, Math and Science for grades 7 -12.
    • Single Subject English
Single Subject History/Social Sciences
Single Subject Math - Foundational-Level Math and Mathematics
What does Clinical Practice look like during COVID-19?

Due to COVID-19 Clinical Practice is fluid as districts and TPP follows the state health guidelines for COVID-19. We work with candidates during advisement about any clinical practice wishes (location, and grade level) and make the final Clinical Practice assignment and introduce the cooperating teacher and UC Mentor to the candidate. We work closely with district and school sites on customizing each clinical practice placement. We are concerned about the safety and wellbeing of each candidate so all clinical practice placement assignments will follow the state guidelines for COVID-19.

What is an average starting salary for public school teachers in this general area? Will a masters degree increase your pay or opportunities?

Salaries are categorized by a few factors such as ADA - average daily attendance, elementary, high school or unified school districts. The most recent breakouts can be found here as a general guideline:

What is Clinical practice and how does it work?

Clinical practice, also known as "student teaching", allows candidates to learn from experienced educators in the classroom under their support and guidance needed to become effective educators. Candidates are evaluated against Teaching Performance Expectations (TPEs). Clinical practice can be completed at any public school that meets the CTC's approval. We survey our candidates and do our best to place you where you want to be.

What is the Constitution Exam and what are the pre-requisites?

Students who have not met the Constitution requirement in their undergraduate degree will need to meet this requirement in our program.  The easiest way is through an assessment online.  If you are unsure if you have met this requirement, let us know so we can evaluate your transcripts.  

What is the email address for questions in regards to program requirements?

Please email us at and we will respond within 3 business days.

What's the difference between the CSETs and CBEST?

The California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST) includes tests covering reading, math, and writing skills and is taken before acceptance into the Teacher Preparation Program.

The California Subject Examinations for Teachers (CSET) test individual subject knowledge.            

  • Required CSETs for the Multiple Subject Teaching Credential are listed here.        
  • Required CSETs for the Single Subject Teaching Credential are listed here.   

Please note for Spring 2021 and Fall 20201 applicants who have not taken the CBEST or CSET due to the closer of testing centers as a result of COVID-19 will be deferred for up to one year. If you have taken the CBEST prior and did not pass, this deferral cannot be granted.