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Student teachers working in classroom with young students.



Effective teachers have the greatest opportunity to positively impact student learning and clinical practice is a key element in building that foundation. To prepare future TK-12 educators for today's classrooms, candidates, like yourself, create opportunities to connect what you have learned in practice under the watch of skilled educators. This practice is a great reinforcer of learning by doing and prepares you to enter the classroom with confidence in your ability as you embark on your career. 

We work closely with local school districts in pairing candidates with appropriate placements that result in you learning how to successfully work closely with colleagues, students, and even community. 

These school district partnerships also ensure the Teacher Preparation Program is consistently designing and delivering curriculum based on the critical needs of our student population. 

Clinical Practice is often referred to as Student Teaching and may be used interchangeably pending district preference.


Teacher Preparation Program administration is responsible for identifying student teaching placements with strong cooperating (mentor) teachers and will match experienced University Mentors to your educational and career goals. After you SIR, you will be sent a Clinical Practice questionnaire.



During your clinical practice time, you will work directly with students and develop lesson plans under the guidance of an experienced educator who serves as your mentor. Cooperating teachers will help guide you in modeling classroom management strategies, how to use creative institutional strategies, and any general guidance as you become accustomed to the classroom environment. This is completed over the fall and spring semesters.



Professional Licensure and Certification Disclosure

University of California programs for professions that require licensure or certification are intended to prepare the student for California licensure and certification requirements. Admission into programs for professions that require licensure and certification does not guarantee that students will obtain a license or certificate. Licensure and certification requirements are set by agencies that are not controlled by or affiliated with the University of California and licensure and certification requirements can change at any time.

The University of California has not determined whether its programs meet other states’ educational or professional requirements for licensure and certification. Students planning to pursue licensure or certification in other states are responsible for determining whether, if they complete a University of California program, they will meet their state’s requirements for licensure or certification. This disclosure is made pursuant to 34 CFR §668.43(a)(5)(v)(C).

Additional information is available by visiting the University of California | Office of the President and the California Department of Education.


The Teacher Preparation Program is approved by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC).

On August 6, 2021, The Commission on Teacher Credentialing granted full institutional approval to the University of California, Merced.